CRV 2011

Joint conference information

CRV 2011 Tentative Program

Tuesday, May 24th

9:00-5:00 Workshop on Underwater Robotics

Wednesday, May 25th

8:00-8:30am Conference Opening (AI/GI/CRV wide)

8:30-10:00am Session #1 Localization

  • Place Classification using Visual Object Categorization and Global Information - Pooja Viswanathan, Tristram Southey, James Little, Alan Mackworth
  • Utilizing Geographic Information System Data for Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Position Estimation - Timothy Patterson
  • Range-based navigation system for a mobile robot - Neil MacMillan, River Allen, Dimitri Marinakis, Sue Whitesides
  • Conformative Filter : A Probabilistic Framework for Localization in Reduced Space  - Chatavut Viriyasuthee, Gregory Dudek
  • 10:00-10:30am Morning Break

    10:30-12:00pm Session #2 Feature Tracking

  • Using Line and Ellipse Features for Rectification of Broadcast Hockey Video - Ankur Gupta, James J. Little, Robert J. Woodham
  • Fourier Tag: A Smoothly Degradable Fiducial Marker System with Configurable Payload Capacity - Anqi Xu and Gregory Dudek
  • Improved Pressure Sensitive Paint Measurement Using Natural Feature Tracking and Piecewise Linear Resection - Jeremy Kuzub, Youssef Mebarki, Anthony Whitehead
  • Robotic Tracking and Marking of Surface Shape Defects on Moving Automotive Panels - Valentin Borsu, Pierre Payeur 
  • Extended Histogram of Gradients with Asymmetric Principal Component and Discriminant Analyses for Human Detection - Amit Satpathy, Xudong Jiang, How-Lung Eng
  • 12:00-1:30pm Lunch

    1:30-3:00pm CRV Poster Session #1

    • PSO Accelerated Immune Particle Filter for Dynamic State Estimation
      S. Akhtar, A.R. Ahmad, E. M. Abdel-Rahman and T. Naqvi
    • Combining Multi-Robot Exploration and Rendezvous
      Malika Meghjani and Gregory Dudek
    • Visual Odometry Using 3-Dimensional Video Input
      Mark Fiala and Alex Ufkes
    • Performance of Stereo Methods in Cluttered Scenes
      Fahim Mannan, Michael Langer
    • Practicality-based Probabilistic Roadmaps Method
      Jing Yang, Patrick Dymond and Michael Jenkin
    • Precise High Speed Multi-Target Multi-Sensor Local Positioning System
      Justin A. Eichel, David A. Clausi and Paul Fieguth
    • GPU-Accelerated Foveation for Video Frame Rate Motion Tracking
      Peter Kuchnio and David Capson
    • FPGA Implementation of Blob Recognition
      Jian Xiong, Thanh Nguyen and Q. M. Jonathan Wu
    • A Global Registration Method based on the Vector Field Representation
      Van Tung Nguyen and Denis Laurendeau
    • Adaptive Lighting for Machine Vision Applications
      Varun AV

    3:00-4:00pm CRV Invited Talk 1: Antonio Torralba - Scene and object recognition in context

    4:00-4:30pm Afternoon break

    4:30-5:30p Session #3 Underwater Robotics

  • Refractive Epipolar Geometry For Underwater Stereo Matching - Jason Gedge, Minglun Gong, Yee-Hong Yang
  • Monitoring underwater sensors with an amphibious robot - A. Speers, A. Topol, J. Zacher, R. Codd-Downey, B. Verzijlenberg, M. Jenkin
  • Feature Tracking Evaluation for Pose Estimation in Underwater Environments - Florian Shkurti, Ioannis Rekleitis, and Gregory Dudek
  • Thursday, May 26th

    9:00-10:00am CRV Invited Talk 2: Ralf Bachmayer - Autonomous Ocean Observation Platform Developments fo Ocean Observation and Monitoring Tasks

    10:00-10:30am Morning Break

    10:30-12:00pm Session #4 Vision

  • A Conceptual Structure for Computer Vision - Gregor Miller, Sidney Fels and Steve Oldridge
  • Restoring Colour in Faded Photographs and SlidesDenis Nikitenko, Michael Wirth
  • Worn-out images in testing image processing algorithmsMichael Wirth, Denis Nikitenko
  • Online Visual Vocabularies -  Yogesh Girdhar and Gregory Dudek
  • 12:00-1:30pm Lunch (AI/GI/CRV annual meeting)

    1:30-3:00pm CRV Poster Session #2

    • Autocalibration: Finding Infinity in a Projective Reconstructioni
      Neil Cavan, Paul Fieguth and David A. Clausi
    • Gesture Analysis Using 3D Camera, Shape Features and Particle Filters
      Gang Hu and Qigang Gao
    • Elastic Shape Registration using an Incremental Free Form Deformation Approach with the ICP Algorithm
      Hossam Abdelmunim and Aly A. Farag
    • Local Shape Context based Real-time Endpoint Body Part Detection and Identification from Depth Images
      Zhenning Li and Dana Kulic
    • Person Reidentification by Kernel PCA based Appearance Learning
      Jun Yang, Zhongke Shi and Patricio A. Vela
    • A Simple Deformable Model for Shark Recognition
      Suthep Gururatsakul, Danny Gibbins and David Kearney
    • Visual Representation in the Determination of Saliency
      Neil D. B. Bruce, Xun Shi, Eugene Simine and John K. Tsotsos
    • Human Visual System based Framework for Concealed Weapon Detection
      Gaurav Bhatnagar and Q.M. Jonathan Wu
    • Spatio-temporal Facial Features for HRI Scenarios
      Zahid Riaz and Michael Beetz
    • Interactive Image Segmentation using Machine Learning Techniques
      Yusuf Artan
    • A Restricted Coulomb Energy (RCE) Neural Network System for Hand Image Segmentation
      Chao Sui, Ngai Ming Kwok and Tianran Ren
    • A Fuzzy C-Means based Spatial Pixel and Membership Relationships for Image Segmentation
      Thanh Nguyen and Jonathan Wu

    3:00-4:30pm Session #5 Illumination and Image Registration

  • Shape from silhouette under varying lighting and multi-viewpoints - Maxim Mikhnevich, Patrick Hébert
  • Modeling Lambertian Surfaces Under Unknown Distant Illumination Using Hemispherical Harmonics - Shireen Elhabian, Ham Rara, Aly Farag
  • Illumination-invariant Statistical Shape Recovery with Contiguous Occlusion - Shireen Elhabian, Ham Rara, Asem Ali, Aly Farag
  • Mapping the Problem Space of Image Registration - Steve Oldridge, Gregor Miller and Sidney Fels
  • 4:30-5:00pm Afternoon break

    5:00-6:00pm CIPPRS Meeting

    6:00-7:00pm Award Reception

    7:00-9:00pm Award Banquet

    Friday, May 27th

    9:00-10:0am CRV Invited Talk 3: Pedro Felzenszwalb - Visual Object Detection with Deformable Models and Beyond

    10:00-10:30am Morning break

    10:30-12:00pm Session #6 Motion and Video

  • Motion Segmentation by Learning Homography Matrices from Motor Signals - Changhai Xu, Jingen Liu, and Benjamin Kuipers
  • Spatial-and-Temporal-Weighted Structure from Motion - Guanghui Wang, John Zelek, Jonathan Wu
  • Extending Filter-based Structure from Motion to Large Baselines - Adel Fakih and John Zelek
  • To Watch or not to Watch: Video Summarization with Explicit Duplicate Elimination - Jean-Nicolas Ouellet and Vinirie Randrianarisoa
  • 12:00-1:30pm Lunch

    1:30-3:00pm Session #7 3D / Object Detection and Classification

  • Wavelet Model-based Stereo for Fast, Robust Face Reconstruction - Alan Brunton, Chang Shu, Jochen Lang, Eric Dubois
  • Optimal Alignment of 3D Data for Spatial Discretization - Benjamin Huhle, Timo Schairer, Andreas Schilling, Wolfgang Strasser
  • Object Detection Using Principal Contour Fragments - Changhai Xu and Benjamin Kuipers
  • Multiscale Conditional Random Fields for Semi-supervised Labeling and Classification - David Duvenaud, Benjamin Marlin, Kevin Murphy

    3:00-3:30pm Wrapup Break